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Mystic Jungle Cruise

March 7, 2023


Teeming with more life in a square meter than any other place on earth, Costa Rica’s fabled rainforests tease at first, but then slowly awaken before your very eyes! Life is all around you and you’ll be humbled by the hidden wonders that subtly and sometimes suddenly reveal themselves to you. Go where no other LGBT+ cruisers have gone before in this never-before-seen itinerary from VACAYA. This 5-star luxury expedition not only takes you deep into the jungles of Costa Rica and Panama, but BONUS… we also transit the Panama Canal, a modern marvel that’ll become the perfect counterpoint to all nature has in store for you. Throw in an overnight in intoxicating Cartagena, Colombia and the very best of Central America and northern South America are all yours for 10 indulgent nights! 2 Continents. 3 Countries. Endless Adventure.


Central & South America

Starting Date

March 7, 2023

End Date

March 17, 2023

Number of Days






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